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Using Hoopla

Visit the website to stream using your internet connection, or download the Hoopla App. Using the app you can stream using your data or Wi-Fi, or download to the app and access offline. Please note Hoopla won't stream through a mobile browser - you do need to download the app. You can borrow 10 items per month, which resets the first day of every month.

Once you've issued an item to your account you have a set period of time to enjoy it:

  • 3 days to watch a movie or TV episode
  • 7 days to listen to a music album
  • 21 days to listen to an audio book or read any e-Book or comic.

Setting up your Hoopla account

You need to create an account the first time you use Hoopla. To do this you need to provide your email address, your library card number and library PIN.

  1. Go to the Hoopla website or open the app
  2. Enter your email address and create a password of 6 digits or more
  3. Choose Tasman District Libraries from the list of libraries
  4. Enter your library card number and library PIN
  5. Agree to allow Hoopla to confirm your library card details
  6. This completes your account set up. Browse and enjoy!

Parents may also want to activate the Hoopla Kids Mode kid, a child friendly setting for finding videos, music, and books. It's on the top right of the screen once you have logged in.


  • Stream or download to your device, phone or tablet, android or Apple, Apple TV, Chromecast
  • Browse the range of popular British and BBC TV series
  • Listen to music from K-Pop, Disney, and Netflix soundtracks, through to meditation and mindfulness
  • Easy to activate kids mode option for family-friendly G and PG rated content.

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