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Reading aloud and talking to your kids are two of the best things you can do.

The 1000 Books Before School programme is a great way to read together and have fun while you light up your child's brain.

What is 1000 Books Before School?

1000 Books Before School is a collaboration between Tasman District Libraries and Motueka Family Service Centre and is supported by the Tasman District community.

Reading to preschool-aged children has been shown to develop early literacy by building vocabulary and language skills essential for learning to read.

The 1000 Books Before School programme encourages children, along with their parents and caregivers, to read (at least!) 1000 books during the 5 years between birth and starting their first year of school.

The more stories you read aloud, the more words your child will know and the better they will be able to talk to you.

How does 1000 Books Before School work?

The aim of 1000 Books Before Schools is to create a culture in our District where we read aloud to our children from birth.

Most picture books take around five minutes to read so:

If you read three picture books a night (around 15 minutes), 1000 books can be achieved in less than a year

If you read one book a night (around 5 minutes), 1000 books can be achieved in less than three years

How do I get started with 1000 Books Before School?

  • Join the programme at Tasman District Libraries and get your 1000 Books Before School booklet. A library membership may be required to join the programme.
  • Choose how to record your reading.
  • Check in at Tasman District Libraries for stickers, rewards and support along the way.
  • Every book that your child completes, or actively listens to, counts. This includes stories read at Storytime sessions, daycare, playgroup, kindergarten, as well as the same book over and over again. You can read books from anywhere - not just library books.
  • The programme finishes once your child reaches 1000 books or completes their first term at school.