• Posted on: 23/10/2023
  • Less than a minute to read

From 1 November Kanopy is changing from the current 5 play credits (or 5 views per month), to a new ticket system. Every month you'll get 15 tickets you can use to view films, TV series, classes, and documentaries on Kanopy. 

Each item will be clearly labelled with the number of tickets required. This is based on the running time or length of the item. A short film may be 1 ticket, while a whole season of a BBC TV series, or a 6+ hour Great Course, might be 5 tickets.

Some items won't require any tickets at all, so you'll have unlimited viewing.  You'll also have longer to watch full TV seasons with loan periods for these items increasing to 14-21 days. 

Kanopy Kids will stay as it is. It won't be part of the ticket system. 

From 1 November when you go on the Kanopy website or use the app you will see a pop-up that explains the new ticket system.  

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