• Posted on: 9/05/2022
  • 2 minutes to read

1000 Books Before School is a free programme with a vision to have everyone in the Tasman District reading aloud to their tamariki from birth. It’s never too late to start!?

The first 1000 days are the most important for developing the brain. How much they will learn is up to you because you are the best person to teach, nurture, talk, sing and read aloud to your child.?

Start taking full advantage of all the fun, wonder, warmth and learning that comes with snuggling up and reading aloud as you and your tamariki journey towards 1000 books.??

Here are five tips for reading to your child:

  1. Get comfy. Find a cosy spot to read or create a fun space to explore a variety of books.

  2. Create interest in the book by talking about the cover. Take time reading the title of the book and talking about what they can see on the cover. Point out animals, colours, or other pictures you know your child finds joy in.

  3. You don’t always need to read the story word for word, get creative with your own story.
  4. Take your time. Make comments about the story as you go, there is no need to rush through the story, take pauses before turning each page.
  5. When you read a book aloud, try becoming all of those characters. Change your voice for the characters. You can speak in a whisper for a shy mouse. You can speak angrily. You can speak in a loud silly voice. You can speak in a quiet voice. Even when you have only one character, have fun changing your voice. This will make the story more entertaining and help the children understand which characters are talking.

If you are not sure about what to read to your child or need some inspiration, please have a chat to our friendly library staff.