Want a Dystopia Book That Survives On Its Own?

No one knows exactly what's coming in the future, but these writers have got a few ideas.


Welcome to Orphancorp

by Marlee Jane Ward

A short, sharp and punchy read about a rebellious teenager's last week at an industrial orphanage. Futuristic, strangely beautiful and sophisticated. 




by Jesse Andrews

In a world where your size is determined by your wealth, Warner and Prayer struggle to survive. With billionaires the size of skyscrapers, how will two tiny poors ever survive? 




The Dog Runner

by Bren MacDibble

Ella and Emery are trapped in a city that is starving to death. To get upcountry to safety they will need to rely on their wits, bravery, and five dogs.




Helen and the Go-go Ninjas

by Ant Sang and Michael Bennett

Kidnapped by time-travelling ninjas, Helen is thrust into the year 2355 - a ruined future with roving gangs and 'Peace Balls', giant humming devices that enslave and control people's minds. Can she use her knowledge of the past to protect those in the future?


 ede 2

Children of Eden

by Joey Graceffa

Rowan is a second child in a world where population control measures make her an outlaw, marked for death. In a world where nature has been destroyed and few survive, simply to exist is dangerous. Hidden away for much of her life, she must now face the world outside her front door.

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