A Knight's Life

What was it really like being a knight?

Find out who became knights and how they fought their battles. Learn what they did when they weren't off on crusades. Find out about the towns and castles they lived in and defended.

Tales of Knights and Castles  

Knights and castles cover

Knights and Castles

by Philip Steele

A brilliant visual guide of the medieval world with the men of mail and plate, the fighting orders, castle life, battles and honour.

The Usborne official knights handbook cover

The Usborne Official Knight's Handbook

by Sam Taplin

Knights were formidable warriors. Could you rescue a damsel from a dungeon or knock a warrior off his galloping horse? See if you can earn your spurs.

Knights and castles cover

Knights and Castles

by Philip Ardagh

Join the fun as Henry and his dog Mothball tour Blueblood castle, meet Baron Blueblood and discover heaps of fascinating facts about knights and castles. Fun illustrations.

Everything castles cover

Everything Castles

by Crispin Boyer

All you ever wanted to know about castles with lots of pictures, maps and infographics, wacky details throughout and amazing comparisons. Become a castle expert!

How to draw knights and castles cover

How to Draw Knights and Castles

 by Mark Bergin

Follow the simple instructions and you will be able to draw realistic knights and castles. Cool facts too. Did you know a skilled archer could fire up to 10 arrows a minute?

King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table cover

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

by Marcia Williams

In colourful cartoon pictures with matching text read about the valiant deeds of King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Sir Galahad and other heroes as they rescue maidens, fight dragons, defend Excalibur and search for the Grail.

Recommended Websites  

Check-out these knightly sites. Find facts, figures, fun games and activities about knights and the medieval world they lived in.


The Medieval Knight

Good basic information and photographs to introduce you to your knight and his world.

Middle Ages for kids logo

The Middle Ages for Kids

Learn about chivalry, jousting, weapons and castles. Play interactive games, create a coat of arms or colour in a knight’s costume. Heaps of entertainment here.


Kid's Castles

All you need to know about castles. Who lived in them, what they looked like inside, the strange names used for various parts of the castle and there are even castles to colour.

Black Knight

Black Knight

Fun and games as the Black Knight collects gold for the king.

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