Preschool Picks

Great music from Tasman and beyond for preschool kids.


Bop It in the Rocket

by Julie Wylie

You can take a ride on a magic carpet with this album that's perfect for long road trips. read more


Taku Mei Ao: Māori Songs for Children

by Nga Pihi

An album of songs in Te Reo Māori that are easy and fun to learn.
read more


Jigglers: Music for Busy Toddlers

by Radha

Original New Zealand music designed to get your toddler jiggling. read more



by Kath Bee

All sorts of musical fun is on offer from local musician Kath Bee. read more


Mango Tango

by Janet Channon

Learn to tango, dance the dinosaur Swamp Stomp and cook a breakfast for a giant. read more


Fairy Fun Fun Fun

by The Fairies

Flutter your wings and wave your wand - it's fairy music. read more


I've Got a Dinosaur in My Back Yard!

by Kath Bee

Have you got a dinosaur in your backyard? Kath has and she's singing about it. read more


Contains Traces of Nuts

by Levity Beet

If you've seen him at one of his many gigs around Tasman, you'll know Levity's music is great fun. read more



by UCA Music

Movement songs for young children in Māori, Samoan and English. read more