Psychological Thrillers

No-one is as they seem; nothing is as it looks - the imagination works overtime in the psychological thriller.

Mary Higgins Clark

With 42 published books, she's a legend of the genre. Plots feature bizarre twists and turns with well-observed psychological insights.

Paul Cleave

New Zealand writer who gets inside the minds of his evildoers and keeps the reader hooked till the bitter and frequently bloody end.

Nicci French

Skilled at creating a heightened sense of menace with strong story lines. Central character is always a strong and vulnerable woman, independent and stubborn.

Sophie Hannah

Her openings hook the reader in from the start. Compelling, calculated and believable storylines. Read with the lights on.

Thomas Harris

The creator of Hannibal Lecter has a strong interest in abnormal psychology. The imagination works overtime. Definitely to be read with the lights on.

Julie Parsons

Central to this writer's keen interest in psychological motivations and mysteries is her personal life story. Builds good atmosphere and suspense.

Michael Robotham

Creates a real sense of terror as well as intense sympathy for his characters. Exceptional suspense.

Barbara Vine

Pseudonym of Ruth Rendell, UK Queen of Crime. Characters are well-developed and stories explore the motivations of twisted minds more than in her mysteries.

S.J. Watson

New author whose debut Before I Go To Sleep became an instant international bestseller. A fine example of the genre.

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