Time To Travel

The borders might not yet all be open, but there's nothing stopping you from planning your next adventure.

Let your mind wander to places near and far with these great books. Plan a future trip or simply enjoy some armchair travel.

Travel Tips and Tales                               

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Ultimate Australia Travel List (2022)

By Lonely Planet


What's the #1 travel experience in Australia? Lonely Planet and its panel of industry experts have ranked the top 500 unmissable experiences and hidden gems across the land to create this definitive travel wishlist. Learn about Indigenous culture and traditions, savour local flavours at world renowned eateries, have ethical interactions with native wildlife, swim in turquoise waters at picture-perfect beaches, and explore the breathtaking beauty of natural landscapes. With glorious photos, insightful commentary and details of how to visit each place, this is your essential guide to exploring the very best of Australia's travel experiences.

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Under a Venice Moon (2022)

By Margaret Cameron


A week in Venice ignites Margaret Cameron's interest in the private city behind the tourist facade and the obscure tales from its history. Tantalised by stories of this lesser-known Venice she returns the following August for a month-long stay, determined to uncover the Venice of the Venetians. Stepping out from her comfort zone, Margaret finds that friendships blossom within palazzi walls and she makes a discovery: life can lead you along rewarding paths, if you let it. As each day passes, her time in Venice becomes more than just an interlude; soon, the city feels like home. Could she leave her satisfying life in Perth and start anew in Venice? The question becomes urgent when romance waits where she least expected to find it.

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Outlandish: Walking Europe's Unlikely Landscapes (2021)

By Nick Hunt


Travel writer Nick Hunt takes us across wildernesses found in Europe yet seemingly belonging to far-off continents: a patch of Arctic tundra in Scotland; the continent's largest surviving remnant of primeval forest in Poland and Belarus; Europe's only true desert in Spain; and the fathomless grassland steppes of Hungary. These anomalies transport us to faraway regions of the world. Against the rapid climate breakdown of deserts, steppes and primeval jungles across the world, this book discovers the outlandish environments so much closer to home - along with their abundant wildlife.

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The Amur River: Between Russia and China (2021)

By Colin Thubron


The Amur River is almost unknown. Yet it is the tenth longest river in the world, rising in the Mongolian mountains and flowing through Siberia to the Pacific. For 1,100 miles it forms the tense border between Russia and China and is the most densely fortified frontier on earth. In his eightieth year, Colin Thubron takes a dramatic journey from the Amur’s secret source to its giant mouth, covering almost 3,000 miles. Harassed by injury and by arrest from the local police, he makes his way along both the Russian and Chinese shores, starting out by Mongolian horse, then hitchhiking, sailing on poacher’s sloops or travelling the Trans-Siberian Express. 

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Ride: Cycle The World (2021)

By Rachel Laidler


Power up mountain passes in Italy's Dolomites, tackle Bolivia's infamous Death Road or go island-hopping in Japan. Covering 100 incredible cycling routes, this inspirational book will make you reach for your handlebars, whether you're an experienced, ascent-loving road cyclist or are planning your first bikepacking trip.

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Let's Get Lost: The World's Most Stunning Remote Locations (2021)

By Finn Beales


This book offers pure visual escapism with over 200 of the most mind-blowing shots of remote places. Each of the photographers profiled reveal their unique stories and the little-known locations they have discovered that allow them to capture such breath-taking images, from Chris Burkard's perilous tour of Russia's iciest extremities, and Emilie Ristevski's wanderlust-filled journey through Namibia's wild heart, to Timothy Allen's air-borne search for a long-lost Bulgarian monument. This book dares you to get off the beaten track and go in search of the most remarkable natural environments on the planet.


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