Friday 6 November 2015

It’s that time of year again when moustaches flourish around the country. Whilst growing a ‘mo’ is still important, this year Movember is also encouraging men to take the MOVE challenge!

Why move? Exercise is good for us and by moving on a regular basis our risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer can be reduced by up to 50%. Physical inactivity is a major risk factor in global mortality rates with 41% of men in high-income countries not getting enough exercise. Being active helps men stay fit, healthy – both physically and mentally and builds good social networks.

By being a part of the MOVE challenge you try to ‘move’ every day in November. You can walk, ride a bike, jog or try out a sport. Any kind of physical activity counts – big or small!

It’s not too late to get started so why don’t you give it a go!

For inspiration and information check out the books, magazines and other resources on the main display in Richmond library!


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