Heart Health Information at Richmond Library

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Over Christmas it’s easy to step away from our healthy routines, stop exercising and indulge in plenty of rich, indulgent foods.

However, as cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in New Zealand, it is in our best interest to maintain our heart's health. How much we move, what we eat and whether we smoke are important factors that influence our risk of heart disease.

The choices we make every day can change our risk of heart disease. There are many factors that work together to influence our risk of heart disease”, says a Heart Foundation spokesperson. "Even a small change can have a positive impact on our risk of heart attack and stroke. The more we change the better."

Drop in to Richmond Library to find out what changes would benefit your heart, and how you can live a heart healthy life - even over Christmas.

The Heart Health Information Drop-in Session at Richmond Library is on Thursday 12 November from 9:30am to 12pm.

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