Get Your Game On!

Friday 7 June 2019

Feel like escaping a sinking island with treasure, attacking a castle with a knight or stopping the spread of a global pandemic? Pop in to Richmond or Motueka Library and do all that and more with one of the games from our board game collections. 

Ask a member of staff and we’ll help you get started. These games are free to play in the library, so find some friends, grab a table and roll the dice. 

Motueka Games Collection

Richmond Games Collection




Connect 4

Doctor Who and the Dalek Spinomatic game

Frozen: Trouble

Name that person place thing

Old Maid Card Game


Snake and Ladders

The Logo Board game

Thomas the tank engine

Tour of New Zealand


Chinese Checkers

Double 6 Dominoes

Forbidden Island



Ticket to Ride: Europe

Tour of New Zealand


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