Adult Colouring for Creativity and Calm

Tuesday 26 January 2016

This month at Motueka and Richmond Libraries, the coloured pencils will be out and adults will be encouraged to have a go at colouring in. Not just for children, adults are increasingly colouring for creativity and calm.

By now you must have noticed the wide array of adult colouring books available in bookstores. Colouring books have been always been popular with children, but now they’re becoming increasingly appealing to adults.

“Colouring books for adults have been popular for some time, but it was a fairly underground hobby. Many thought it was a childish pursuit. Now it’s become far more mainstream,” says Johanna Basford, creator of the hugely successful adult colouring books The Secret Garden and The Enchanted Forest.

What’s more, colouring for adults is being touted as a great way to relax, relieve stress and enjoy some quietly contemplative creativity.

Have a go at Motueka and Richmond Libraries. Tables have been set up with all the materials you need, and it’s free.

Adult Colouring for Creativity and Calm at Motueka and Richmond Libraries, 2-23 February 2016.

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