Three Languages Poetry Comp 2022

Throughout March 2022 Murchison, Richmond and Tākaka libraries held the Three Languages Poetry Competition 2022.

The competition criteria was:

> The poem should include all five of the following five words: whenua (land), whānau (family), maunga (mountain), awa (river), moana (sea).

> The poem can be written in te reo Māori, English, or videoed in NZ Sign language – or a combination of the three languages can be used!

> The poem should be no longer than 50 words.

> The poem should be an original poem, written by the submitter.

> Poems can be submitted by anyone, of any age.

> Multiple poems may be submitted.

> The poem does not need to rhyme.

> Poems should be submitted by Thursday 31 March, 2022.

The Poems

Salvation by Steve Richards

Paradise by Robin Keown

Aniwaniwa by Phil Ferris

Silent Sentinel by Shirley Jackson

Untitled by Helen Sheat

Untitled by Deborah Fitton

He Iwi Tahi Tatou by Alison Condon

Kaitiaki by Gaelynne Pound

The Maitai by Anton Hyman

Untitled by Robin Mercer-Hall

Hope by Lorna Ross

Knuckle Hill by Lorna Ross

Home by Lorna Ross

Untitled by Jack

Untitled by Laure Barathieu

Untitled II by Laure Barathieu

Ua by Dani Grooby

Untitled by Lily Nicholas

Untitled by Grace Bailey

Untitled by D Maunder

One Whānau by Ted Basdevant

Calmness by Darcy Smith

The Floods by Nick Fairclough

River To Rain by Jan Seeger

Polishing Stone by Jan Seeger

The Weaver by Jan Seeger

Ancestral Tears by Jan Seeger

Karakia by Jan Seeger

Untitled by Barbara Bowen

Untitled by Tylah Gribben

Untitled by Manaia

Untitled by Motueka High School Whānau Class Wahine Toa

Untitled by Kaira Paaka

Untitled by Mayzee

Untitled by Anonymous, Motueka High School Whānau Class

                                                                      Salvation By Steve Richards






Helens poem


Deborah Fitton


Together 1




 The Maitai By Anton Hyman 1


 Robin Mercer Hall


Hope By Lorna Ross


Knuckle Hill By Lorna Ross


Home By Lorna Ross


Jacks poem for web


Laures poem 1


Laures poem 2


Dani Grooby 2


Lily Nicholas2                                       

Grace Bailey2


 D Maunder


One Whanau






river to rain


Polishing Stone 2


the weaver







T Gribben